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Tekla Structures 20.0.14 Neuerungen

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Tekla Structures 20.0.14 Neuerungen

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109490 Drawings In dimensioning holes and recesses, drawing view filters can now be used. Previously only model selection filters worked.
120178 Drawings In rebar pull-out pictures, all non-normal bending radiuses are shown now unless the rebar is a circle.
99927 Import, Export, Interoperability In BVBS export, the mesh weight is now correct. Earlier, the calculated mesh weight was too small when the advanced option XS_USE_ONLY_NOMINAL_REBAR_DIAMETER was set to FALSE.
121832 Import, Export, Interoperability Now the values in the DSTV blocks have the last decimal rounded up in NC export.
112113 Tools and Components In Squeezed tube bolted (102), the stiffeners are now created in the correct position.
114413 Tools and Components In Splice Connection (77), the Splice plate assembly option on the Parameters tab now works correctly.
118364 Tools and Components In Stub connection (119), the chamfer radius of plates now works correctly.
120350 Tools and Components Concrete stairs (65) now keeps the cast unit position number after modifying the component.
120722 Tools and Components The Project GUID of a model was sometimes lost when using model dump, which caused Organizer to not open. This has now been fixed.
120923 Tools and Components Previously, when exporting from Organizer to Excel, some empty date property values were exported as date minimum values, such as 1.1.0001. Now the exported value remains empty.
121718 Tools and Components Previously, if you switched a main assembly and sub-assembly with each other, Organizer sometimes stopped working during synchronization. This has now been fixed.

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