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Connect Tekla Structures to the license server

Last updated March 19, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Connect Tekla Structures to the license server

Connect Tekla Structures to the license server

To be able to use Tekla Structures on your computer, you need to connect Tekla Structures to the licenses available on the license server.

  • When you start Tekla Structures for the first time, the system asks you to define the Tekla Structures license server.

To connect to the license server:

  1. Start Tekla Structures.

  2. Enter the port@hostname address of the license server in the Server address box.

    For example, 27007@server_hostname.

    You can define several license servers by separating the addresses with semicolons. For example, 27007@server_hostname_1;27007@server_hostname_2.

  3. If you want to check which licenses are available on the license server, click Check licenses.
  4. Click OK to start Tekla Structures.
  5. If you need to redefine the license server at some point, click Tools > Change License Server in Tekla Structures.

    The change comes into effect the next time you start Tekla Structures.

This page is written for a legacy version of Tekla Structures

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