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Bolt Modifier

Last updated April 20, 2017 by Developer TIN Structures.developer.in@trimble.com

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Bolt Modifier

This extension is used to update component created bolts properties where those properties are not controlled by parent component component in a nested component that is superordinate to the components below it in the component hierarchy

or issue in component. There are typical requirements in many existing connections where the bolt (1) connecting building object that is defined in the bolt assembly, and that fastens parts or assemblies or attaches to them

(1) Bolt must belong to a bolt assembly before it can be used in modeling.

(2) bolt element that represents a metal rod or pin that has a head at one end and the other end is open and threaded

(2) Bolts and other bolt elements are listed in the bolt catalog.

(2) A bolt is usually secured by a nut. A bolt is part of the bolt assembly.

is not placed as per requirement and this tool is to solve those difficulties. This helps to avoid exploding the component due to small issue / requirement in bolts.

There is an application to insert this plugin to many components at a time and "Bolt Modifier Application" is included in the same installation.


How to Locate

‘Bolt Modifier’ plugin is available in 'Application and Component' after installation.



Click the icon ‘Bolt Modifier’ from 'Application and Component'.

Input order

1) Select the component. The 'M' symbol appear close to cone symbol of parent component.
2) Select the component created bolt and this is useful to apply different values to different group. The 'M' symbol appear at bolt group group of bolts that forms a connecting building object between an assembly main part and secondary parts

The number of bolts in a bolt group depends on the bolt group shape and the values of bolt distances.

origin since the point is added as input along with parent component. The input point point that the user picks when creating a component

can be moved for better presentation. The bolt group index has to be identified by trial and error only and selection of bolt group in input is just for getting origin of the group and not for identification of bolt group, this is a limitation.

Please note that if you delete 'Bolt Modifier' component manually then you need to update the parent component to remove the update by 'Bolt Modifier'.

Bolt Modifier dialog:

Bolts To Update:

This textbox is used to get group index which requires update. If you leave empty then it updates all bolt group created by the input component.

The following case bolt head has to be placed between angle cleat component object that represents a right angle that is made of a standard L-shaped profile and that connects parts

flanges and this can be achieved using 'Bolt Modifier'.

After apply the dialog values then the bolt updates as below and updates only bolt group 2 since other bolt group orientation is as per requirement. This way you can update individual bolt group properties.

Is Update?:

These controls are meant for overriding the parent component values of bolts or updating the value which is not controlled by parent component. 'Bolt Modifier' extension is made to correct many bolt (component created) related issues from a generic way since many components have different bolt related issues. The above example only 'Flip Bolt' is to be updated and remaining fields are to be taken from parent component only and this can be achieved using 'Is Update' field. 'Bolt Modifier' updates the property wherever 'Is Update' is set to 'Yes' else discard those values.

Refrain use this extension to update the value which is already controlled by parent component without any issues and this extension is not meant for that.

Cut Length, Extra Length & Hole Tolerance:

Highlighted properties are controlled by these attributes

Flip Bolt:

To change the bolt head position as shown in example 'Bolt To Update' section.

Include in Bolt Assembly:

This control is used to add additional washer / nuts. However you need to define full assembly here and the values from parent component is not considered even though works fine.

Parts with slotted holes:

This control is used to control slotted holes. However you need to define all holes here and the values from parent component is not considered even though works fine.

Slot hole values:

These values to override the parent component values.

If you are planning to update only values and not 'Parts with slotted holes' option then select option as below image. Select 'Part with slotted holes' option as 'Yes' and at least one slotted option enabled however un-tick the control check boxes which enables slot hole small hollow open throughout a part or assembly and used for fastening parts with bolts or other such objects

Hole is created in the same way as bolts and hole properties are defined in the bolt properties dialog box.

value controls. You can update anyone of slot hole value also and not required to re-enter all slot values here.

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