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How Tekla Model Sharing uses the sharing service

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How Tekla Model Sharing uses the sharing service

How Tekla Model Sharing uses the sharing service

When you start to share a model using Tekla Model Sharingcloud service for collaboration and for storing and sharing a model

Tekla Model Sharing is one of the Tekla online services.

, the model is connected to the cloud-based sharing service that is provided by Tekla.

To send model changes to the sharing service and to fetch other users' model changes from the sharing service, you

  • write out
  • read in

When you read in other users' changes, the updates to the shared modelmodel used for collaboration over the Tekla Model Sharing service

With a shared model, each user works with their own model and the changes are shared through Tekla Model Sharing. A shared model requires the use of a single-user model. The same model cannot be a shared model and a multi-user model.

are delivered to you as incremental packets. This means that when you read in, the data that is fetched from the sharing service is merged with the data on your computer. You need to read in all shared changes before you can write out your own changes to the sharing service.

Note that there is no central model in the sharing service as such, only a model instance that consists of a model baseline and incremental updates. You cannot open the model in the sharing service or access any files.

Sharing service setup

The model data is stored to the sharing service. Each user fetches the model data from the sharing service when they read in. User authentication is done with Tekla account.



Sharing service setup with Tekla Model Sharing Cache

If needed, you can install a separate Tekla Model Sharing Cache service to be used with the Tekla Model Sharing service. With the Tekla Model Sharing Cache service you can benefit from faster packet download times in regions where the download speed may be limited.

With the cache service, the model data is stored to the sharing service and then cached inside a LAN. The first user who reads in a packet from the sharing service loads it to the cache, and the next user gets the data faster from the cache inside the LAN than from the sharing service through the Internet. Thus, if you have a narrow bandwidth to the Internet, using the cache service reduces the download effort and enables faster download times.

For more information, see Installing a cache service for Tekla Model Sharing and Cache server deployment.



The cache is not used for packets that are written out.

This page is written for a legacy version of Tekla Structures

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