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This advanced option is system specific and should be set in the lang_<CurrentLanguage>.ini files.

Use this advanced option to be able to open drawings in a situation where you have English Tekla Structures and multi-byte locale Windows operating system. Set it to one of the following values in the teklastructures.ini file, depending on the locale of your operating system:

  • set XS_STD_LOCALE=japanese

  • set XS_STD_LOCALE=chinese-traditional

  • set XS_STD_LOCALE=chinese-simplified

  • set XS_STD_LOCALE=russian_us.1251

  • set XS_STD_LOCALE=korean_korea.949

If you set XS_STD_LOCALE to any other value, or leave the value out, English locale is used by default.


For more information on locales, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms903928.aspx.

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