Thomas Panels Apex Ties (9) - Parameters tab

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Thomas Panels Apex Ties (9) - Parameters tab

Use the Parameters tab in the Thomas Panels and Profiles Apex Ties Properties panel to control how the connecting members are defined within Tekla Structures.

Tekla Structures properties Parameters tab for Thomas Panels Apex Ties (9)

Option Description Default Other
Type of Apex Tie
(Apex Tie, Apex Angle Brace)
This specifies the type of apex tie to be used by the macro. The default is set to Apex Tie.  
Top or Bottom
(Top, Bottom)
This specifies which holes on the purlin to attach the apex tie. The default is set to Bottom.  
Offset This offsets the position of the restraint from the standard location along the member length by the entered distance. The default setting is 0.  
Apex-Tie Bend Angle This defines the angle at which to bend the bar. The angle is between the horizontal and the bar at the apex. The default angle will be determined appropriately from the model data. Angle to bend bar when using Cold Rolled steel systems
Group This sets the class that all parts will be included in. The default setting is 99.  

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