Property files

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Property files

Property files

Property files are files that contain the object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

and settings that are displayed in the property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.

The property pane can be customized by using the property pane editor.

or in the dialog boxes of different model objects or drawing objects.

By default, Tekla Structures uses the standard property files when you apply commands. The default standard property files are read from the environment's system folder.

In addition to the default property files, you can define user-defined property files, and load these saved properties later when you create, for example, new model objects or drawing objects. Tekla Structures stores the saved, user-defined property files in the current model’s \attributes folder.

To save a user-defined property fileobject type specific file that contains values of properties or settings used in the property pane or a dialog box

Property files are saved in the current model folder. The user can create and modify property files and copy them to the project or firm folders for future use.

User-defined attributes related to a specific object type are stored in a separate property file.

, do the following:

In the property pane

In a dialog box

  1. Enter a name for the property file in the box next to the button.

  2. Click to save the property file.

  1. Enter a name for the property file in the box next to the Save as button.

  2. Click Save or Save as to save the property file.


Change the standard steel column properties so that you create a new type of column that you call custom1.

  1. Open the steel column properties in the property pane.

  2. Enter or modify the properties you want to save.

  3. In the box next to the button, enter a name for the new column properties, for example, custom1.

  4. Click .

    Tekla Structures saves the new custom1.clm property file in the current model’s \attributes folder.

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