Files and folders in Tekla Structures

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Files and folders in Tekla Structures

Files and folders in Tekla Structures

Sometimes you need to know where Tekla Structures stores information, and the types of files that Tekla Structures contains, where the files are located, and how the files should be should be used.

Tekla Structures contains a large amount of files that affect the way the software works. It is important to know which file controls which functionality, and also which files we do not recommend that you touch.

The initialization filetext file that contains user interface definitions, start-up parameters, default settings, or advanced options

Initialization files are used when starting Tekla Structures and they can contain system-specific and user-specific advanced options that are used to configure Tekla Structures for different standards and the user’s individual style of working.

Initialization files have the file name extension .ini.

reading order is also very important. You need to know the order in which the files are read when you open Tekla Structures, so that you do not modify the files unnecessarily.

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