Environment database file

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Environment database file

Environment database file

To guarantee consistent model behavior when a model is used with different roles, the environment databasedatabase file that contains the definitions of user-defined attributes used in a model

The file name of the environment database is environment.db.

file (environment.db) contains the definitions of the user-defined attributes (UDAs) used in the model.

When you create a new model, Tekla Structures merges the definitions from your objects.inp files to the environment.db file. Later, when you add new user-defined attributes in the objects.inp file, the definitions are saved in environment.db as you open the model.

You can modify your user-defined attributes in an objects.inp file but the changed definitions do not come into effect automatically. If there are conflicts, the definitions in environment.db win. You need to run the Diagnose and change attribute definitions command to see the conflicts between environment.db and objects.inp, and select the attribute definitions that you want to update.

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