Add an advanced option to the user.ini file

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Add an advanced option to the user.ini file

Add an advanced option to the user.ini file

You can save your personal user settings to the user.ini file. The user.ini file is located in the same location as the user-specific options.bin file, for example, ..\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\UserSettings.


We recommend that you add only system-specific advanced optionssettings used to customize Tekla Structures for specific companies, standards, users, or user groups

In Tekla Structures, advanced options are settings that are used, for example, in a specific project or geographical area, or by a specific company.

In Tekla Structures, advanced options usually begin with the initials XS and are followed by the name of the function, for example XS_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

to the user.ini file.

You can also add model-specific advanced options, but the model-specific advanced optionsadvanced options that affect the current model

Model-specific advanced options are saved in the model options and drawing options databases.

only affect new models that you create. This is because only the new advanced options that do not yet exist in options_model.db or options_drawings.db are taken into account. For more information, see Files storing option and advanced options.

Adding user-specific advanced optionsadvanced options that affect all models the user has

User-specific advanced options set the user’s personal preferences, for example, the background color of the model views.

User-specific advanced options are saved in the options.bin file.

in user.ini may not work as desired as options.bin is loaded after user.ini and may override the value.

  1. Right-click the user.ini file in Windows Explorer and select Open with. Select a standard text editor from the list of available programs.

  2. On a new line, enter set, then a space, then the name of the advanced option followed by an equal sign, and then the value in a single line.

    Tekla Structures only reads lines in the initialization filetext file that contains user interface definitions, start-up parameters, default settings, or advanced options

    Initialization files are used when starting Tekla Structures and they can contain system-specific and user-specific advanced options that are used to configure Tekla Structures for different standards and the user’s individual style of working.

    Initialization files have the file name extension .ini.

    that start with set.

  3. Save user.ini.

  4. Restart Tekla Structures for the changes to take effect.

Possible values







string value

set XS_USER_DEFINED_BOLT_SYMBOL_TABLE=bolt_symbol_table.txt



Use two switches.


When you are moving to a new version of Tekla Structures, you can use the Migration Wizard to automatically copy your user.ini file to the new version. The Migration Wizardtool that is used for copying settings defined by the user in the earlier version of Tekla Structures

Migration wizard is typically used when starting to use a new version of Tekla Structures. The migration wizard can be used to copy settings included in initialization files.

appears once you start Tekla Structures for the first time after installation.

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