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Use the AutoConnectiontool that creates connections with predefined properties in certain framing conditions

tool to automatically select and apply connections with predefined properties to selected parts in a model. With AutoConnection, Tekla Structures automatically creates similar connections for similar framing conditions.

You can use AutoConnection to quickly add connections individually, in phases, or project-wide. This is useful when you are working on a large project using many connections, modifying a model, or importing modified profiles.


Before using AutoConnection in a working modelmulti-user model that an individual user works on in multi-user mode

Working model is a local copy of a master model and the user’s current model.

, we recommend that you create a test model, and create all the connection conditions in it that you need for a particular project. You can then use the test model to check the rules and properties of various connection types. The model also acts as a quick reference for connection information.

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