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You can create reports of the information included in models. These could be lists of drawings, bolts, and parts, for example. Tekla Structures creates reports directly from the model databasedatabase file that contains a model

Model database file has the file name extension .db1. In addition, other files, such as the corresponding numbering database .db2, are needed in order to obtain the functionality of the model database.

, so the information is always accurate. Reports can contain information about selected parts or the entire model.

Tekla Structures includes a large number of standard report templates. Use Template Editortool in Tekla Structures that is used for creating and modifying templates to be used in drawings and reports

to modify the existing report templates, or create new ones to suit your needs.

Note that the reports do not get updated automatically when the model changes, you need to recreate the reports.

The report templates are by default located in the system folders defined for the advanced option XS_SYSTEM. Report templates have the file name extension .rpt.


For more information on using templates, see Template Editor User's Guide or Template Editor Help. To open the help, open Template Editor and click Help > Contents .

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