Renewed shape catalog

Added May 4, 2021 by Tekla User Assistance

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Renewed shape catalog

Renewed shape catalog

The shape catalogcatalog that displays information of item shapes

The shapes are downloaded from Tekla Warehouse, are created using existing geometry and parts in the model, or are modeled using software other than Tekla Structures, for example SketchUp.

has been renewed. It has a new user interface and many new features.

For example, you can now group shapes, create sub-groups, add tags to shapes, and mark important shapes with stars. Importing and exporting of shapes have also been improved. You can now transfer shapes and group hierarchies together or separately between models.

To access and modify the shape cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

, go to the File menu and click Catalogs > Shape catalog.

When you create or modify items and click next to the Shape box in the item properties to select a shape, the new dialog box Select shape now opens.

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