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A wildcard is a symbol that stands for one or more characters. You can use wildcards to shorten strings, for example in filtering.




* (asterisk)

Matches any number of characters

HE* matches all parts with a profile name that begins with the characters "HE".

You can also this symbol at the beginning of a word: *BRAC*.

? (question mark)

Matches a single character

HE?400 matches parts with profile names such as HEA400, HEB400, and HEC400.

[ ] (square brackets)

Matches whatever is enclosed in the brackets

L[78]X4X1/2 matches parts with the profile names L7X4X1/2 and L8X4X1/2.


The characters * and ? may also be used in object names in Tekla Structures. If the object name you want to filter contains * or ?, you need to enclose these characters in square brackets. For example, to find the profile P100*10, enter P100[*]10 in the filter field.

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