Part position on the work plane

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Part position on the work plane

Part position on the work plane

Use the On plane setting in the part properties to view and change the part’s position on the work planeplane that the user has chosen in a model and that is currently active for working on in a model view

Newly created, copied, or moved model objects comply with the work plane. For example, shifting the work plane to follow a sloped plane makes it easier to model sloped structures.

. The position is always relative to part's reference lineline between two reference points

For example, if the user picks two points to position a beam, these points form the reference line, and handles appear at the line ends.

Reference lines can be used in snapping in a snap switch.


Alternatively, you can use the contextual toolbar or keyboard shortcuts to modify the part's position.





The reference line is in the middle of the part.


The part is positioned underneath the reference line.


The part is positioned above the reference line.




Middle 300

Right 300

Left 300

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