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Organizer is a daily tool for managing model informationinformation stored to the model

Model information covers, for example, model objects, and drawing and project information.

, object propertysingle characteristic associated with an object type

For example, profile and material are object properties.

queries, and object classification. Using Organizer, you can access all model information, including IFCfile format commonly used in BIM that facilitates software interoperability

IFC is an open specification developed by the IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability).

Model can be exported into an IFC file.

information, in one place, and manage your model information effectively. Organizer is an efficient tool at any stage in the construction and design process for designers, detailers, managers, estimators, contractors, or anybody using the model information.

For example, construction managers can view and report on key properties of parts and groups of parts of the Tekla Structures model, such as the quantities of purchasing packages. Designers can instantly check object, assembly, or cast unit properties during design to ensure that the properties are as they are intended to be. For example, by creating categories it is easy to automatically track precast or steel elements that are too heavy, reinforcing bars that are too long, and status info.

You can synchronize Organizer with the model to get instant feedback on what is changing in the model and create reports on demand.

Organizer consists of two tools:

  • Use Object Browser to instantly view and create reports on model information based on the selections you make.

  • Use Categories to define building locations to automatically arrange model objects and visualize the locations in the model. You can also create categories based on different properties and write user-defined attributes to objects based on the categories the objects belong to. You can use filters to automatically update the category content whenever there are changes in the model. You can also manually change the content of categories.

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