If you cannot see all objects

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If you cannot see all objects

If you cannot see all objects

The visibility of objects in a view depends on a number of different settings. If you cannot see all the desired objects in a model viewview that is represented in the modeling mode

Model view is available also in the drawing mode and it is represented in its own window.

, check the following settings:

  • work areacertain portion of the model that is currently active for working on in a view

    Tekla Structures indicates the work area using dashed lines. Since objects outside the work area exist but are not visible the user can set a certain sized work area so that the views of the model are simpler and quickly updated, for example.

  • view depththickness of a slice of the model defined starting from, and perpendicular to, the view plane

  • view filterfilter used for defining which objects are displayed in a model view or drawing view

    View filter chooses objects according to object properties. The user can filter objects according to their profile or material, for example.

  • view and representationthe way that the information included in a model is represented visually


  • color and transparency settings

Note that work area and view depth are like two virtual boxes. Objects that have their handles partially or totally inside both boxes are visible. Newly created objects are also visible outside the view depth but never outside the work area. When you redraw a view, only the objects inside the view depth are displayed.

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