Create an orthogonal beam

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Create an orthogonal beam

Create an orthogonal beam

Use the Orthogonal beam command when you want to create a steel part that is perpendicular to the current work planeplane that the user has chosen in a model and that is currently active for working on in a model view

Newly created, copied, or moved model objects comply with the work plane. For example, shifting the work plane to follow a sloped plane makes it easier to model sloped structures.

. After you have created an orthogonal beambeam created perpendicular to a work plane in a picked location

Beam is only orthogonal in the creation stage. After its creation, an orthogonal beam can be modified as if it were a beam or column.

, you can modify it as if it were beam or column.

  1. On the Steel tab, click Beam > Orthogonal beam.
  2. Pick a point.

    Tekla Structures creates the beam using the Orthogonal beam properties in the property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

    The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.

    The property pane can be customized by using the property pane editor.

    , and at the level defined in the properties.

Alternatively, you can start the command in the property pane.

  1. Ensure that you have nothing selected in the model.

  2. In the property pane, click the Object type list button and select Orthogonal beam from the list.

    Tekla Structures starts the command and shows the properties in the property pane.

Modify orthogonal beam properties

  1. If the property pane is not open, double-click the orthogonal beam to open the properties.
  2. Change the properties as needed.
  3. Click Modify.

Orthogonal beam properties

Use the Orthogonal beam properties in the property pane to view and modify the properties of an orthogonalview projection that displays objects in right-angles projection

In orthogonal model view the size of the objects is the same despite of their distance to the viewing point and the zoom remains on part faces.

steel beam. The file name extension of an orthogonal beam property fileobject type specific file that contains values of properties or settings used in the property pane or a dialog box

Property files are saved in the current model folder. The user can create and modify property files and copy them to the project or firm folders for future use.

User-defined attributes related to a specific object type are stored in a separate property file.

is *.crs.

If you have customized the property pane layout, the list of properties may be different.





User-definable name of the beam.

Tekla Structures uses part names in reports and in Document manager, and to identify parts of the same type.


Profile of the beam.


Material of the beam.


Type of finish.

Finish is user definable. It describes how the part surface has been treated, for example, with anti-corrosive paint, hot galvanized, fire retardant coating, and so on.


Use to group beams.

For example, you can display parts of different classes in different colors.



Vertical position of the beam, relative to beam's reference point.


Rotation of the beam around its axis on the work plane.


Horizontal position of the beam, relative to beam's reference point.


Position of the second end of the beam in the global z direction.


Position of the first end of the beam in the global z direction.

Numbering series

Part numbering

Part prefix and start number for the part position number.

Assembly numbering

Assembly prefix and start number the assembly position number.



Click the User-defined attributes button to open the user-defined attributes (UDAs) of the part. UDAs provide additional information about the part.

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