Create a custom property in Organizer

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Create a custom property in Organizer

Create a custom property in Organizer

You can create your own properties in Organizer and use these properties in property columns in the same way as any other properties. If you want to use the properties in the model, you can add them to the model objects in property categories.

Some object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

, for example, the properties of reference modelmodel which the designer can use as an aid when building another model

A reference model is created in Tekla Structures or in other software and can be inserted to Tekla Structures. The reference model appears together with the model but it is not modified by Tekla Structures. The user can snap to reference model points.

For example, an architectural model, a plant design model, or a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) model can be a reference model.

objects are not automatically available in Organizer. To use these properties in Organizer, create them as custom properties.

  1. To open Organizer, click Manage on the ribbon and then click Organizer.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner of Organizer to open the Settings .
  3. Click Custom.
  4. Select Property.
  5. Enter a name for the property in the Name box.

    This name is shown in the list of properties. Ensure that there are no space characters before or after the name.

  6. Enter the exact name of the property in the Property box.

    Organizer uses this name to search for the property value. Ensure that there are no space characters before or after the name. For UDA type properties, the maximum length is 19 characters.


    For reference model objectmodel object that is an individual part of an imported reference model

    The user can define user-defined attributes for a reference model object.

    The reference model objects can be moved to a model that is currently being worked on.

    Information included in a reference model object can be saved in the model database.

    properties you must add EXTERNAL. at the beginning of the property name, for example, EXTERNAL.Tekla Reinforcement.Rebar Mark. You can copy the exact name of the property from the Inquire object dialog box, for example.

  7. Select a unit type for the property.

    Organizer automatically selects the default Data type value of the unit type. You can change the data type.

  8. Select a data type for the property.
  9. Select a property type for the property.

    Use UDA when creating properties that you write to the model.

  10. Click OK.

Custom properties are shown in the list of properties in the Custom group. UDA properties are also shown in the UDA group. You can modify and delete custom properties by right-clicking the property.

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