Create a color set in Organizer

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Create a color set in Organizer

Create a color set in Organizer

You can use colors to visualize the content of Object Browser groups in the model. The colors are included in color sets that you can create and modify. You can include a color set in a property templatedefinition of object property layout for the property table in object browser

The property template is saved in an .xml file or in the Organizer database.

so that a property template always uses certain colors. The color visualization is for viewing purposes. You cannot save the colors in the model or in Object Browser.

  1. To open Organizer, click Manage on the ribbon and then click Organizer.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner of Organizer to open the Settings.
  3. Go to the Colors tab.
  4. Click .

    The color set is created based on the set that is currently selected.

  5. Enter a unique name for the color set.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Do any of the following to define the colors that are included in the color set:
    • Double-click a color to modify it.
    • Drag the colors to arrange them to a different order.

      The colors are used in Object Browser in the order in which they are listed in the color set. The topmost group in Object Browser gets the first color, the next group gets the second color, and so on.

    • Right-click a color and select to add, delete, cut or copy the color.
    • Double-click an added color to modify it.

      You can select multiple colors by using the Ctrl and Shift keys.

    • Click Reset colors to restore the colors of the Default set.
  8. If needed, click Set as default to use the color set as the default set in Organizer.
  9. Click Modify.

    Organizer keeps the settings you have defined in the new color set. If you do not click Modify and close the Settings dialog box, the new color set has the same settings as the color set you used as a basis for the new set.


You can export color sets from Organizer in the xml format and use the sets in other models. You can export one set at a time. The color set file has the .colorset file extension.

You can import color sets that have been exported from the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.

or other Tekla Structures models as in the xml format. You can import several files at a time.

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