Edit drawings

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Edit drawings

Edit drawings

After you have created a drawing, you can modify properties of the drawing and views, building objects, and dimensions and marks already included in the drawing. You can add views, marks, notes, text, sketch objects and other objects. You can also change drawing colors, and use special custom presentations for some object types.

You can have a look at a snapshot of a drawing without opening it:

Snapshots in drawings

Open drawings

You can edit the drawing name and titles:

Modifying drawing names and titles

You can hide, align, arrange, reposition, drag, reshape, resize, and explodeto ungroup the objects that are parts of another object or a component

In Tekla Structures, it is possible to explode components, cast units, assemblies, bent plates, parts that have attached parts, and drawing shapes and plugins.

The exploded objects cannot be reverted back to the original group.

drawing objects and indicate with cut lines parts partly outside the view border:

Show or hide drawing objects

Align selected drawing objects

Drag, reshape and resize drawing objects

Arrange annotation objects

Indicate cut lines in Tekla Structures drawings

Explode drawing plug-ins and use ordinary drawing objects

When you save and close the drawings, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

Save and close drawings

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