2020 SP7: New features and improvements

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2020 SP7: New features and improvements

2020 SP7: New features and improvements

Changes in sharing pour units

The default value of the advanced option XS_CALCULATE_POUR_UNITS_ON_SHARING has been changed to FALSE. This means that Tekla Structures no longer automatically calculates and updates the pour units in shared models during writing out and reading in. Instead, each user can now run the Calculate pour units command in their local version of the shared modelmodel used for collaboration over the Tekla Model Sharing service

With a shared model, each user works with their own model and the changes are shared through Tekla Model Sharing. A shared model requires the use of a single-user model. The same model cannot be a shared model and a multi-user model.

when they need up-to-date pour unitentity that combines together a pour object and the other building objects that need to be in place before cast-in-place concrete can be poured

The needed building objects can be reinforcement and embeds, for example.



Texts in PDF reference models

PDF reference models now have better coverage for texts.


New control for forcing IFC object category in IFC2x3 export

The IFC2X3 export does not export steel secondary objects as IfcDiscreteAccessory from now on. You can force previous categorization by setting the new advanced option XS_IFC2X3_EXPORT_SECONDARY_AS_DISCRETEACCESSORY to TRUE in an .ini file, for example, teklastructures.ini.


Trimble Connect Visualizer: updated material appearances

The appearances of the following pre-defined materials have been updated in Trimble Connect Visualizertool that creates photorealistic renderings of the model or selected model objects and can be used for taking screenshots and creating animations that demonstrate the design and build options of the model

Trimble Connect Visualizer shows the model’s material types and sets it in a scene.

  • Concrete

  • Glass

  • Grass

  • Ground

  • Steel

  • Timber

In the image below, from left to right, you can see the new appearances of steel, concrete, timber, glass, ground, and grass.


Improvements in concrete components

Beam reinforcement (63)

On the Parameters tab, you can now select to create side bars as rebar groups. Previously, all side bars were created as separate single bars.


Corbel reinforcement (81)

On the Transverse stirrups tab, you can now select that only one open U-bar is used as the transverse stirrups.


Concrete console (110)

On the Parameters tab, there is a new cut type around T-beams. With this new option, you can add an additional cover thickness to the created openings.


Embedded anchors (8)

On the Placement tab, you can now select whether to detect braced girders in the whole assembly.


Hole reinforcement for slabs and walls (84)

On the Picture tab, you can now define the cover thickness separately for the horizontal and vertical edge bar groups.


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