Select Nested Components (ML132)

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Select Nested Components (ML132)

The tool Select Nested Components (ML132) can be used to find nested components or sub-components (children components) in a Tekla Structures model and select these in the model.

Selected objects

  • Nested components or sub-components are selected.

Use for

Situation Description

Nested system component Stairs (S71)
in which custom component step
is used as sub-components.

Nested system component Stanchions (S76)
in which system component End plate (144)
is used as sub-components.

Before you start

Model one or more nested components.

Selection order

  1. Double-click on the tool.
  2. Select the desired option in the list box.
  3. Click on the button Select nested components or Select children components, the nested or the sub-components are selected.
  4. To zoom on the selected nested or sub-components, click View > Zoom > Zoom selected or select Zoom > Zoom selected in the context menu.

Tab General

Use the tab General to find the nested components or sub-components in the model.




Define for which components in the Tekla Structures model you want to find nested components or sub-components. The options are:

  • Select from all
  • From selected.


Select the nested components in the Tekla Structures model.


Select the sub-components in the Tekla Structures model.

Tab Info

Information about the version date. This date is indicative and can therefore be different even though the tool has the same content.

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