Warp a part

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Warp a part

Warp a part

You can warp steel and concrete beams and columns, and concrete slabs. The warpingdeforming that twists the part by rotating the ends of the part

functionality is available only in the Full, Precast Concrete Detailing, and Steel Detailing configurations.

Warp a beam or a column using deformation angles

  1. Double-click a beam or a column to open the properties.
  2. Go to the Deforming section.
  3. In the Warping Start box, enter the angle of the beam at its start point, relative to the part handles.
  4. In the Warping End box, enter the angle of the beam at its end point, relative to the part handles.

    For example, to warp the beam 10 degrees at the end point, enter 0 in the Start angle box and 10 in the End angle box.

  5. Click Modify to warp the beam.

Warp a concrete slab by moving chamfers

Before you start, create a concrete slabplate that represents a concrete structure

In Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.

Slab may be part of a floor, for example.

by using the Slab command on the Concrete tab.

  1. Double-click a chamfer to open the Corner chamfer properties.
  2. Modify the chamfer properties.

    Do not modify the chamfers so that the slab faces are no longer planar.

    • To move the upper corner of the chamfer, modify the Dz1 value.

    • To move the lower corner of the chamfer, modify the Dz2 value.

  3. Click Modify to warp the slab.

Warp a Floor Bay (66) slab

Before you start, create a concrete slab by using the Modeling of floor bay (66) component.

  1. Ensure that the Select components selection switchswitch used for controlling which object types can be selected

    is on.
  2. Select the chamfer you want to move.

    For example, select the corner point of a slab component to warp that end of the slab:

  3. Right-click and select Move special > Linear... .
  4. In the Move - Linear dialog box, enter a value in the appropriate direction box.

    For example, enter 100 in the dZ box to lift that corner up 100 mm.

  5. Click Move.

    Tekla Structures moves the point in the direction you selected, which warps the slabs.

  6. Right-click and select Interrupt.
  7. Ensure that the Select objects in components selection switch is on.
  8. To see the warping angle of a single slab, double-click a slab to open the Concrete beam properties, and go to the Deforming section.

    The Warping start and end values show the warping angle at the start point and at the end point of the part.

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