Copy a construction object with offset

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Copy a construction object with offset

Copy a construction object with offset

You can copy construction lines, circles, arcs, and polycurves in the direction that you indicate, and using the offset values that you specify. For example, you can create new circles and arcs centered in the same location as the original circle or arc, and adjust the radiuses using the offset values.


  1. On the Edit tab, click Construction object > Copy with offset .
  2. Select the construction objectmodeling aid that helps in creating and placing other objects

    Construction object can represent a point, line, arc, or plane, for example.

    that you want to copy.

    You can copy lines, circles, arcs, and polycurves.

  3. Enter the offset values in the box that appears, and then press Enter.

    If you only enter one offset value, Tekla Structures creates one copy of the object.

    To create several copies, enter multiple offset values. For example, 500 1000 1500 or 3*500.

  4. Click in the direction where you want to copy the object.

Tekla Structures copies the selected object in the direction you indicated.

For example, if you selected a line, Tekla Structures makes a new copy of the line in the specified location. If you selected a circle or arc, Tekla Structures creates a new object that is centered in the same location as the original object, and adjusts the radius using the offset value that you specified.

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