Return a borrowed Tekla license

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Return a borrowed Tekla license

Return a borrowed Tekla license

Return the borrowed license when you do not need to use it anymore. This is phase 3 of the workflow Borrowing licenses for using Tekla Structures offline.

Install and set up Tekla License Borrow Tool for license borrowing
Borrow a Tekla license
Return a borrowed Tekla license

A borrowed license is automatically available on the license server one day after the expiration date. However, you need to return the expired license to the license server to update the Borrowed Licenses area in Tekla License Borrow Tool. You can return a borrowed license any time.

To return a borrowed license:

  1. Connect your computer to the network where you can connect to the license server.
  2. Close Tekla Structures.
  3. Go to Tekla License Borrow > Tekla License Borrow Tool through the Start menu or Start screen, depending on your Windows operating system.
  4. Select the Return check box in the Borrowed Licenses area to select the license to return.
  5. Click the Return button at the top.

After successful returning, the Borrowed Licenses area is updated.

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by sandeep patil

if the system get damaged, How to return borrowed licence in that case.

by Tommi Hautalahti

Unfortunately it's not possible to return the license without having access to the borrowed license. The license is freed for other use when the borrowing time is out.

If this happens and you have no spare licenses, contact your local support to discuss your options to keep the work going.