Borrow a Tekla license

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Borrow a Tekla license

Borrow a Tekla license

Borrow a license from the Tekla license server. This is phase 2 of the workflow Borrowing licenses for using Tekla Structures offline.

Install and set up Tekla License Borrow Tool for license borrowing
Borrow a Tekla license
Return a borrowed Tekla license

To borrow a license from the license server:

  1. In Tekla License Borrow Tool, in the Products area, click the Borrow Until box and select the expiration date for the borrowing period from the calendar.

    The maximum borrowing period is one month.

  2. Click the Borrow button.

    The borrowing progress is displayed. After successful borrowing the Borrowed Licenses area shows the borrowed license.

  3. Disconnect your computer from the license server and start Tekla Structures with the borrowed license to ensure that the borrowing succeeded.

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