Clone by using cloning templates located in other models

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Clone by using cloning templates located in other models

Clone by using cloning templates located in other models

You can take into use in the Master Drawing Catalog cloning templates located in other models, and create drawings using them.

Limitations: You can only use cloning templates from other models, not other types of master drawings, such as saved settingsmaster drawing where the drawing settings are saved in a drawing property file and used when creating a new drawing of a specific drawing type

or rule sets.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Create drawings > Master drawing catalog.
  2. In the Master Drawing Catalog, click to open the Models Containing Master Drawings dialog box.
  3. Click Add model... and browse to the desired model.
  4. Click OK.

    Now the cloning templates in the defined folder are displayed in the Master Drawing Catalog.

  5. Select the cloning templatemaster drawing where an existing drawing is used to copy the drawing settings for a new drawing

    The new drawing has the same drawing settings as the original drawing.

    The user creates a cloning template of a drawing typically after extensive manual modifications have been made in the drawing, in order to achieve the same appearance and contents in new drawings.

    In the master drawing catalog, it is possible to create single-part, assembly, and cast unit drawings using cloning templates. It is also possible to add new cloning templates to the master drawing catalog from the document manager.

    from the Master Drawing Catalog and create a drawing using the selected template.

When you have similar parts in several projects, you can maintain a set of cloning models and then take the cloning templates in the cloning models in use when necessary.

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