Create drawings in Tekla Structures

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Create drawings in Tekla Structures

Create drawings in Tekla Structures

Drawing creation is always based on drawing properties, no matter which way you use to create them. Planning and implementing the most suitable drawing settingssettings that control what the drawing looks like and what it includes

Drawing settings can be defined in the modeling mode when creating a drawing, and they can be modified in the drawing mode.

The range of the objects and elements that drawing settings affect may vary.

carefully is very important. You can create drawings one by one, in groups, or you can create all drawings automatically.

Choose the way that meets your needs the best:

  • Create drawings using ribbon and pop-up menu commands.

  • Create drawings using the various master drawingcollection of properties and drawing settings that are used for creating a new drawing

    types in the Master Drawing Catalog. Using rule sets is a highly automated process of creating several drawings of different type in one go.

  • Clone(performed by Tekla Structures) to create a new drawing by using a cloning template

    Cloning aims at using the drawing properties, view properties, and object properties from the cloning template in a new drawing.

    Drawings can be cloned from the current model or another model.

    Cloned drawings need some manual checking.

    drawings on the basis of cloning templates in the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

    The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.

    or in the cloning templatemaster drawing where an existing drawing is used to copy the drawing settings for a new drawing

    The new drawing has the same drawing settings as the original drawing.

    The user creates a cloning template of a drawing typically after extensive manual modifications have been made in the drawing, in order to achieve the same appearance and contents in new drawings.

    In the master drawing catalog, it is possible to create single-part, assembly, and cast unit drawings using cloning templates. It is also possible to add new cloning templates to the master drawing catalog from the document manager.

    models. You can clone drawings in the Master drawing catalog and in Document manager.

  • You can increase the level of automation even more by applying detailed object level settingsdrawing settings that affect the representation of selected drawing objects

    Object level settings can be defined when creating a new drawing or when modifying an open drawing.

    Object level settings can be use in a drawing or in a drawing view in order to change the representation of the chosen drawing objects.

    to all of the above mentioned methods. When the level of automation increases, the need for manual modifications decreases. We recommend that you put extra effort in making the automated settings as effective as possible.

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