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Marking: Bolts

Sets the format of the element Center-to-center distance in bolt marks, when the bolts are in the same part, for example, in a column or beam flange. Use to define gage information in the bolt markmark that includes a set of selected property elements related to a bolt or bolt group

in the following way:

  • Use the switch %VALUE% for the numeric value of a gage.

  • You can add text and the option in any order, for example, %VALUE% GAGE or GAGE %VALUE%.

  • If %VALUE% is missing, Tekla Structures adds the center-to-center distance to the end of the string.

  • If this advanced option is not set, only %VALUE% is used.

  • If Tekla Structures cannot calculate the gage, nothing is added in the mark.

  • The default value value is GAGE = %VALUE%.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options databasedatabase file that contains the settings of model-specific general settings and advanced options

There are two options databases, the model options database (options_model.db) and the drawing options database (options_drawings.db).



There is a symmetrical bolt groupgroup of bolts that forms a connecting building object between an assembly main part and secondary parts

The number of bolts in a bolt group depends on the bolt group shape and the values of bolt distances.

in a beam flange. The value for gage is 10.

In the Advanced Options dialog box

In bolt mark


GAGE = 10

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