Plan and track projects

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Plan and track projects

Plan and track projects

The model you create in Tekla Structures always contains a lot of information that you can view and export. You can also add to the information and use Tekla Structures to plan the overall project, including construction site activities, and to track the status of manufacturing and construction.

These are the main tools for planning and tracking projects:

  • Organizer is a daily tool for managing model informationinformation stored to the model

    Model information covers, for example, model objects, and drawing and project information.

    , object propertysingle characteristic associated with an object type

    For example, profile and material are object properties.

    queries, and object classification.

  • Task manager allows you to incorporate time-sensitive data into 3D Tekla Structures models and to control the schedule at various stages and levels of detail throughout the project.

You can also plan the phasing , lotting , and sequencing in Tekla Structures. Throughout the project, you can use the Tekla Structures model to show the project status right in the model.

In addition to creating reports in Organizer , you can use the separate reporting feature , which provides additional capabilities.

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