Printing to multiple printers and other printing improvements

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Printing to multiple printers and other printing improvements

Printing to multiple printers and other printing improvements

Starting from Tekla Structures 2019i, you can print to more than one printer in one go based on the paper size of each selected drawing. When printing to multiple printers you typically have different printers for handling different paper sizes. Tekla Structures automatically selects the appropriate printer for each drawing.

For more information about printing, see Print to a .pdf file, plot file (.plt) or printer.

Print drawings to multiple printers in one go

The Print Drawings dialog box now has a new control for printing to multiple printers: Use multiple printers. When you want to print to a single printer, or define single printer settings to be used in multiple printing, select Use one printer.

Create single printing settings

To print to multiple printers, you first need to create single printing settings for each of the printers you want to print to:

  • Select Use one printer , and define the printing properties as desired. Select the output type and printer, and define the paper size that this printer will handle in the Use multiple printers mode. Then give the settings a unique name and click Save. Repeat this for each of the desired paper sizes. Do not use the size option Auto.

    For example, you can create the following single printer settings files with the output type set to PDF file :

    • PDF A4 : Paper size set to A4, file prefix set to A4_
    • PDF A3 : Paper size set to A3, file prefix set to A3_
    • PDF A2 : Paper size set to A2, file prefix set to A2_
  • When printing a set of drawings in the multiple printers mode using the above single printer settings files, all A4 drawings will generate .pdf files with prefix A4_ , all A3 drawings will have prefix A3_ , and all A2 drawing will generate .pdf files with prefix A2_.
  • If you want to print more than one sheet size to the same printer in the Use multiple printers mode, create a single printer settings file for each paper size, and specify the same printer in all of these files.

Print to multiple printers

Change to the Use multiple printers mode, and in the Selected single printer settings files list, select the settings files to use in printing. You can select all or just some of the single printer settings files.

The output type (printer, plot file, PDF file) is defined by each selected single printer settings file. Typically you would select settings files with the same output type. Output types lists the output types that are specified in the selected single printer settings files.

Change other necessary settings. When the output type of the selected settings files is Plot file or PDF file , you can change the following properties. These settings cannot be changed if the output type is Printer :

  • File location : Where to create the output files. If the selected settings files specify a subfolder, then the output path is the combination of the main path and the subfolder path, which allows each settings file to specify a different subfolder. You can also specify an absolute path in each selected settings file, which will override the main path.


    Main path: .\Plotfiles

    Settings file 1 subfolder path: A4

    Output result for settings file 1: .\Plotfiles\A4\

  • Include revision mark to file name

  • File prefix : Each selected settings file can override this.

  • File suffix : Each selected settings file can override this.

  • Fit to paper

  • Scale

  • Center drawing on paper

  • Print on multiple sheets

  • Orientation

  • Number of copies

  • Collate

  • Note that you cannot change the paper size, it is already included in the selected settings files. You can see the selected paper sizes listed in the dialog box.

  • You can also save the multiple printing settings to a settings file for future use. Note that the multiple printing settings files are saved in the same location as the single printer settings files ( <model>\attributes ) but with a different file name suffix PdfMultiPrintOptions. For single printer settings, the suffix is PdfPrintOptions. This ensures that the settings are kept separate from the single printer settings.

  • Click Print to print to multiple printers.

Other printing improvements

  • The Print Drawings dialog box now displays a message in the status area if it is not possible to print due to invalid printing settings.

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