Improvements in rebar drawing tools

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Improvements in rebar drawing tools

Improvements in rebar drawing tools

Tekla Structures 2019i introduces some improvements in Rebar group marking , Rebar pull-out picture and marking , and Rebar group dimensioning.

Rebar group marking

  • The Rebar group marking applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

    now works with circular rebar groups.

  • The Lines and symbol tab has new settings for drawing a symbol at the intersection of distribution lines and leader lines. The functionality for rebar symbols has been moved to the new Symbols on rebars tab.

  • A new setting has been added on the Mark 1 tab to set the mark distance from the leader lineline that connects an annotation object to the related object or point


For more information, see Add reinforcement marks with Rebar group marking application.

Rebar pull-out picture and marking

  • On the Dimensions tab, you can now select whether to round according to the user settings or according to the rebar_config.inp.

  • Rebar pull-out picture and marking no longer creates duplicate pull-outsmall graphic in a reinforcement mark, table, or report template that shows the shape and dimensions of a reinforcing bar

    pictures. The same fix was made in the Draw rebar pull-outs application.

For more information, see Draw rebar pull-out pictures with Rebar pull-out picture and marking application.

Rebar group dimensioning

  • A new Group dimensions setting was added on the Advanced settings tab to control if dimensions are grouped or not. Grouping now works also when the distance between the groups is zero.

  • Invisible color can now be applied on rebar lines and symbols.

  • Rebar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths

    dimensioning now dimensions rebar groups in polybeams.

For more information, see Dimension rebars with Rebar group dimensioning application.

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