Select the work plane

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Select the work plane

Select the work plane

If you have defined base points or saved work planes, you can use the Work plane handler toolbar to select which work planeplane that the user has chosen in a model and that is currently active for working on in a model view

Newly created, copied, or moved model objects comply with the work plane. For example, shifting the work plane to follow a sloped plane makes it easier to model sloped structures.

you currently have in use in the model.

By default, the Work plane handler toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen.

You can select among the following work planes:

  • Model originglobal coordinate system point of origin used for the model

    Model origin is the default project base point.

    (if project base pointbase point that sets the point of origin for a project if the model has several base points

    A project can have only one project base point.

    is set somewhere else)
  • Project base pointpoint in a model that is used to define a starting point in surveying and that is used as an anchor point in coordinate and height transformations

    A Tekla Structures project can have several base points but only one of them can be the project base point.

    Base points allow the use of another coordinate system needed for interoperability and collaboration. Base points can also be used in drawings, and in reports and templates. Model origin is the default base point in Tekla Structures.

    Base points are also called control points.

  • All base points you have defined
  • All work planes you have set and saved

The symbol for model origin is different if the project base point is set to model origin, or if the project base point is set somewhere else.

Add a work plane to the toolbar

  1. Set a work plane in the model.
  2. On the Work plane handler toolbar, enter a name for the work plane in the Select work plane box.
  3. Click thebutton to add the new work plane to the list.

    If needed, you can rename your work plane by double-clicking it and entering a new name.

  4. To remove a work plane from the list, click thebutton.

By default, the Work plane handler toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen. If you are unable to find the toolbar, click File > Settings , and in the Toolbars list ensure that the Work plane handler toolbar is selected.

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