Pour breaks

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Pour breaks

Pour breaks

When pour management is enabled, you can use pour breaks to split pour objects into smaller pour objects.

Pour breaks are visible and you can work with them both in pour views and in part views. Pour breaks are displayed as a thin plane or line, depending on the part rendering option you use.


If you move or copy a part, pour breaks do not follow the part. Pour breaks remain at their original locations, and adapt to any cast-in-place concrete parts they still touch.

If a pour breakbuilding object used to split a pour object into smaller pour objects

does not split a pour objectbuilding object that is formed of one or more cast-in-place concrete parts, or parts of cast-in-place concrete parts

The cast-in-place concrete parts are merged into one pour object if they have the same material grade and pour phase, and if they touch each other. Pour objects are visible in pour view.

completely into two, the pour break is displayed in red by default. This means that it is invalid and needs to be remodeled.

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