Example: Import a shape from SketchUp Pro

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Example: Import a shape from SketchUp Pro

Example: Import a shape from SketchUp Pro

In this example, you import a solid 3D shape from Trimble SketchUp Pro to a Tekla Structures model.

  1. Create an empty model in SketchUp Pro.

    Delete any extra entities, such as the default person on the drawing area.

  2. Create a group of entities.

    Although Tekla Structures supports importing separate individual entities, we recommend you create a group of entities or a component in SketchUp.

    All SketchUp groups and components should form watertight solids. Select the group or component and open Entity Info to check that the selection is a solid. SketchUp solids have a volume. If there is no volume listed, the selection is not a solid.

  3. Select the group and click Solid Tools > Union to make the group of entities into a union of solids.

    Your group becomes a single solid volume: a solid.

  4. Place the solid in SketchUp so that it lies along the positive x axis (red), and halfway on both y (green) and z axes (blue). In Tekla Structures , the yellow and magenta part handles will align with the x axis used in SketchUp.

    The location and rotation of the solid in SketchUp are important, since they determine how an item is inserted and positioned in Tekla Structures. Different positioning in SketchUp causes an offset in Tekla Structures.

  5. Save the SketchUp file.
  6. In your Tekla Structures model, open the Shape Catalog and click Import.
  7. Select the SketchUp file.
  8. Click OK.

Tekla Structures imports the shape to the Shape Catalog and you can use it to define the shape of an item or a concrete item.

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