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Disable pour management temporarily

Last updated September 10, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Disable pour management temporarily

Disable pour management temporarily

You can temporarily disable pour management. This may be needed if pour management seems to significantly slow down your model, for example, when the pours and pour objects are very large and require splitting into smaller ones.

When pour management is temporarily disabled, the existing pour objects and pour breaks are still present in the model, but any modifications to the model geometry that would normally update pour objects and pour breaks automatically will not do that. Any information related to pours will be outdated and inaccurate, for example, in reports, and the pour breaks will not be adaptive. They will be updated automatically when you re-enable pour management.

To disable or re-enable pour management:

  1. Go to Quick Launch , start typing pours and pour breaks , and select the Toggle pours and pour breaks command from the list that appears.
  2. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

If you are working in a Tekla Model Sharingcloud service for collaboration and for storing and sharing a model

Tekla Model Sharing is one of the Tekla online services.

model, remember to re-enable pour management before you write out. Similarly, if you are working in the multi-user modemode in which several users can work on the same model using their own working models

, re-enable pour management before you save the model. In this way, information related to pours stays up to date for all users of the model.


If you have problems opening a large model with pour objects that contain many parts, you may need to disable pour management before you open the model. You can do this by modifying the xs_user.[user name] file located in the model folderfolder that is used for storing files associated with a model

Tekla Structures stores all files associated with a model in a folder it creates with the same name as the model database (.db1).

In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder.

. Set PAPB to 0 to disable pours, and then save the file.

When needed, remember to re-enable pour management.

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