Camber a part

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Camber a part

Camber a part

You can use camberingdeforming that curves a part to compensate for deflection which arises due to loads on the structure

Cambering is typically an upward curvature defined for a beam.

to pre-camber parts, in other words, to curve long heavy sections that will settle on site and become flat. Use cambering to show the natural camber of a prestressed part in a model. Cambering affects the position of cuts, skews, and embeds in the model.

  1. Double-click the part to open the part properties.
  2. Go to the Deforming section.
  3. In the Cambering box, define the degree of camber.
  4. Click Modify.

    Tekla Structures cambers the part in the local z direction.

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