Create curved parts

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Create curved parts

Create curved parts

You can create curved parts by defining a radius and the number of segments for a part. The number of segments determines how realistic the curved part looks: the more segments, the less angular the part appears.

  1. Create a part that can be bent: a beam, panel, or strip footingfooting that supports several points of contact or a region of points of contact

    Strip footing supports a length of wall or a line of closely spaced columns, for example.

    In Tekla Structures, strip footing has a polygon shape that the user defines by picking points.

  2. Double-click the part to open the part properties.
  3. Go to the Curved beam or Bending settings area, depending on the part type.
  4. In the Radius box, enter the radius.
  5. In the Number of segments box, enter the number of segments you want to use.
  6. If needed, define the plane of curvature, which is relative to the current work planeplane that the user has chosen in a model and that is currently active for working on in a model view

    Newly created, copied, or moved model objects comply with the work plane. For example, shifting the work plane to follow a sloped plane makes it easier to model sloped structures.

  7. Click Modify to bend the part.


Number of segments: 2

Number of segments: 5

Number of segments: 15

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