Assembly examples

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Assembly examples

Assembly examples

Column corbel

A column corbelconcrete part representing a structure that projects from the face of a concrete part and that serves as a support for an overhanging part and connects the parts

is fabricated in one workshop, and then attached to the column in another workshop. Model the corbel as a sub-assemblyassembly in a nested assembly that is subordinate to a parent assembly

of the column. Then create an assembly drawingdrawing that shows fabrication information for a basic or a nested assembly, including bolts and welds, and that is generally used at the workshop

Assembly drawings show how parts are located in an assembly. They contain the parts of the assembly presented in one or more views.

for each workshop: one assembly drawing showing how the corbel is welded together, another assembly drawing showing how the corbel and the other part are welded to the column.

Drawing 2, Workshop 2

Drawing 1, Workshop 1

Complex truss

Model the halves of a complex truss as assemblies. Create assembly drawings for the workshop to fabricate the truss halves. Then create another assembly drawing showing how the halves should be joined on site.

Built-up profile

In a frame of built-up columns and beams, each built-up profile can be a sub-assembly. You can create an assembly drawing showing the entire frame, and separate drawings showing how the columns and beams are constructed.

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