Tekla Structures 2019i Finland environment Release Notes

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Tekla Structures 2019i Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings

1.1 Property pane

Finland environment specific UDAobject property created by the user in order to widen the range of predefined object properties

User-defined attributes are used when the predefined object properties are not sufficient but more properties are needed. For example, comment, locked, and erection status are user-defined attributes.

tabs (and UDA's) are now added to property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.

. FI-Viivakuormat, FI-Pistekuormat, FI-Tasokuormat (Concrete beams) and Tarvikelista (Precast cast unit) UDA tabs are not added to the property pane at the moment (as the layouts of these tabs are not suitable for the property pane). All UDA tabs in property pane are set to hidden by default

1.2 Applications and components catalog update

Applications and components catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications

The term component catalog is used in Tekla Structures until version 21.1.

contents have undergone significant changes. The cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

tree from the environment and the catalog tree from Start Model Concrete used to be separate, the former had English names in groups and latter in Finnish. The groups have now been combined, and all the group names are in English. Now every concrete component can be found in groups under Concrete group.

The new adjusted group structure is described in detail below. The connections between different object types (e.g. beam to column) are included in the dedicated groups of both of these types.

1.3 Model template update

The model templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models

The user can save a model including all its elements, such as object properties, certain settings, parts, and components, in a model template.

Start Model Concrete was updated for TS 2019i.

1.4 Project UDAs' update

UDA tab FI-Piirustusasetuksia has been reorganized, so that the description texts for Assembly control numberuser-defined attribute of an assembly or a cast unit that identifies the assembly or cast unit main part

A control number does not affect numbering.

Control numbers are running numbers.

, Element position type and Location source are next to the corresponding value field (where they were before TS2018).

1.5 Modeling

Create views along grid lines

The standard attributes for Create views along gridmodeling aid that represents a three-dimensional complex of horizontal and vertical planes

In Tekla Structures, grids are used as an aid in locating objects in a model. The grid is shown on the view plane by dash-and-dot lines. It is also possible to show grids and grid line labels in drawings, and to modify grid properties in the drawings.

It is possible to have more than one grid in a model. For example, a large-scale grid for the entire structure, and smaller grids for some detailed sections.

lines has been now localized. The attribute creates views in only xy-planes, and each plane is using saved view settings "Plane_view" which is the same as 3d viewview that displays objects three-dimensionally

3D view is one of the default views.

except that it's in plane angle and the view depththickness of a slice of the model defined starting from, and perpendicular to, the view plane

is 2000 mm in both directions. 

1.6 Templates & Reports

Added report files that take manual grouping of rebar sets into account:

  • Rebar - Group Bending List - Compact.rpt
  • Rebar - Group Bending List - Extended.rpt
  • Rebar - Single Bar Bending List.rpt

1.7 Drawings

Because of new a featurepart of Tekla Structures functionality that is maintained and owned by Trimble Solutions and that is included in the Tekla Structures installation

in part marks merging, all part markmark that includes a set of selected property elements related to a part

Part marks are made use of, for example, when identifying constructions, when giving information about welding, when giving information about assemblies to a workshop, when giving information about how parts should be connected to each other, and when creating bills of quantities.

In the US, the term piece mark is used to refer to position number.

settings needed updating. Otherwise the default merging style would have been used, which is one leader for merged part mark. The feature actually is already in 2018i but these fixes are for 2019i forwards.

2. Concrete Settings

2.1 Updated concrete component attributes

Wall layout

Fixed incorrect orientation of wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel

In Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.

In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel.

layout cast units in cast unit drawings. "Fixed drawing main viewdrawing view that shows all parts in an assembly, cast unit, or single-part drawing from the selected viewing direction

Main view can be front view, top view, back view, or bottom view. The user can create several main views.

" default setting is changed from "top" to "front". The "Fixed" setting is set to default only in S-elementti cast unit drawingdrawing that displays information on concrete parts, including reinforcement, cast-in embeds, edge chamfers, and insulation, in a cast unit

Cast unit drawings are generally used either at the element factory or at the construction site.

settings, so only sandwich cast units are affected.

Updated files:

  • S-RUUTUELEMENTTI.WallLayout.UI.Dialogs.WallLayoutUI.xml
  • SANDWICH-ELEMENTTI.WallLayout.UI.Dialogs.WallLayoutUI.xml 

Detailing manager 

Example settings for Detailing manager are inserted to Finland environment. The added attribute files are:

  • Precast rectangular beam - pre-stressed.DetailingManager.DetailingManagerForm.xml
  • Precast rectangular beam.DetailingManager.DetailingManagerForm.xml
  • Precast rectangular column.DetailingManager.DetailingManagerForm.xml
  • Precast solid panel.DetailingManager.DetailingManagerForm.xml
  • Precast solid slabplate that represents a concrete structure

    In Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.

    Slab may be part of a floor, for example.


Geometry detailing strip

Example settings for Geometry detailing strip are inserted to Finland environment. The added attribute files are:

  • corbelconcrete part representing a structure that projects from the face of a concrete part and that serves as a support for an overhanging part and connects the parts

  • top-thickening.WallLayout.UI.Dialogs.GeometryDetailingStripUI.xml

Double Wall Edge and Opening Reinforcement

Updated the standard-settings for Double Wall Edge and Opening Reinforcement -component

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