Clone dimensions in selected views only

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Clone dimensions in selected views only

Clone dimensions in selected views only

The dimension cloning options in the Clone Drawing dialog box affect all views, whereas the option Dimension creation method in this view sets the dimension creation method for the selected view only. You can create automatic dimensions in the front viewdefault view that is created using the part’s or component’s coordinate system and that shows the part or component from the front direction

Part’s front view is a view on part plane created of the part’s front plane.

and clone(performed by Tekla Structures) to create a new drawing by using a cloning template

Cloning aims at using the drawing properties, view properties, and object properties from the cloning template in a new drawing.

Drawings can be cloned from the current model or another model.

Cloned drawings need some manual checking.

the dimensions in section and end view(1) section view that shows a selected area of an end of a part in a drawing

(1) An end view can be created manually or automatically. Automatic end views represent the part from one end of the part or also from the other end of the part, depending on the settings.

(2) default view that is created perpendicular to the part’s or component’s front and top view

, for example.

  1. Double-click the drawing view framesolid frame around all the contents of a drawing view

    Drawing view frame can be used when modifying properties of a single drawing view. Drawing views can be dragged using the drawing view frame.

    to open the View Properties dialog box.

  2. On the Attributes 2 tab, set Dimension creation method in this view to Clone.

    Using this option affects the creation of the dimensions during cloning and re-dimensioning of existing drawings.

  3. Click Modify.
  4. Save and close the drawing.
  5. Open the Document manager , select the drawing and click Clone...
  6. In the Clone Drawing dialog box, select the objects to be cloned and the dimension cloning option ( Ignore , Clone , Create ).

    • If you select Dimensions > Ignore , the dimensions will be cloned only for those views that have Dimension creation method in this view set to Clone.

    • If you select Dimensions > Clone , the dimensions will be cloned for all views.

    • If you select Dimensions > Create , the dimensions will be created for all views except for those that have Dimension creation method in this view set to Do not create.

  7. Click Clone selected.

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