Undeform deformed parts in drawings

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Undeform deformed parts in drawings

Undeform deformed parts in drawings

You can undeform warped or cambered parts and show the developed (undeformed) shape of deformed parts in drawings.

Deformed parts are parts that have been warped or cambered in the model. You may want to undeform these parts if you want a concrete part to have two states: as erected (in the model viewview that is represented in the modeling mode

Model view is available also in the drawing mode and it is represented in its own window.

) and as cast (in the drawing viewview that includes selected model objects or an area in the model, that is represented in a drawing

A drawing view is a container for model and drawing objects.

A drawing can include several drawing views, which usually are two-dimensional views, plane views, to the model.

Examples of drawing views in Tekla Structures include main views, section views, single-part views, and 3D views.

), for example.


Part shortenings are hidden if you set Undeformed to No.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties and select the drawing type.
  2. Load drawing properties that are as close to the ones you need as possible.
  3. Click View creation and go to the Attributes tab.
  4. To hide deformingpart property that changes the geometry of the part

    angles and camberingdeforming that curves a part to compensate for deflection which arises due to loads on the structure

    Cambering is typically an upward curvature defined for a beam.

    , set Undeformed to Yes.
  5. To save the changes, click Save.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.

The created drawing shows the developed shape and dimensions of the part.

See below for an example of a undeformed part in a drawing.

See below for an example of a warped part in a drawing.


The Undeformed option value in the View Properties properties dialog box on the Attributes 2 tab is ignored in drawing creation when the Undeformed option is set to a value on the View creation > Attributes tab.

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