Define view labels and view label marks

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Define view labels and view label marks

Define view labels and view label marks

All drawing views can have view labels, which may contain text and symbols. You can set the contents of the main viewdrawing view that shows all parts in an assembly, cast unit, or single-part drawing from the selected viewing direction

Main view can be front view, top view, back view, or bottom view. The user can create several main views.

labels and section viewdrawing view that shows a selected area as a cross section

A section view can be created of the parts in a drawing view. A section view can be created manually or automatically.

labels before you create the drawing. You can also adjust them after you have created the drawing.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties and select the drawing type.
  2. Load drawing properties that are as close to the ones you need as possible.
  3. Do one of the following depending on the drawing type:

    Single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings:

    1. Click View creation in the options tree on the left, select the view and the properties that you want to change, and click View properties.
    2. Click Attributes and go to the Label tab.

    General arrangement drawings:

    1. Click View...
    2. Go to the Label tab.
  4. Click the ... button next to A1 - A5 to open the Mark Contents dialog box.

    The illustration in the view properties dialog box is only one way to position the label text. When you modify the positioning, the illustration in the dialog box does not change.

  5. On the Content tab, select the elements that you want to include in the view labelassociative annotation object that is displayed in an individual drawing view and that includes information about the view

  6. If needed, select an element from the list and click < Add frame and select the frame Type and Color.
  7. If needed, select an element from the list and select the text Color , Font and Height.
  8. Go to the Position tab and set the text position, horizontal and vertical offset, and the text alignment.

    Text positioning depends on whether you use a symbol or not.

  9. Click OK.
  10. Select the view label Symbol you want to use in the label.

    You can simply use only a label or add a symbol in it. You can also set the color, size, line length and the position of the view label.

  11. Select the Vertical and Horizontal position for the view label.
  12. To save the changes, click Save.
  13. Single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings: Click Close.

    General arrangement drawings: Click OK.

  14. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.

See below for examples of view labels:

Drag the view label to the desired page in an open drawing.

The view frame is resized automatically, if necessary.

For more information on the elements available in view label marks, see View, section view and detail view label mark elements.

For more information about the positioning of the view label marks, see Positioning properties of view label, section and detail marks

Define section view properties for all views in a drawing

If you want to use the same section view properties, such as start numberfirst number of a numbering series

or letter, cutting linestraight line that is defined by picking two points and used for shaping the part or a rebar set

, contents, and text position, in all your section views, you can do this in on the drawing level. For more information, see Define automatic section view properties.

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