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Hide part face areas and outlines with cover-up tools

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Hide part face areas and outlines with cover-up tools

Hide part face areas and outlines with cover-up tools

Use cover-up line, rectangle, polyline or polygon tool for quickly hiding areas of building objectobject that represents something that will exist in the real building or will be closely related to it

A building object is always created in a model, but it is also represented as a drawing object in a drawing in which its properties can be modified.

faces or outlines in drawings. Cover-up objects are also shown in printouts.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. On the Drawing tab, click one of the cover-up tools:

    Draw cover-up rectangle

    Draw cover-up line

    Draw cover-up polyline

    Draw cover-up polygon

  3. Pick points and draw a non-transparent area or line over the area that you want to hide.

    The cover-up object dimensions are shown while you draw it, and also when the object is selected. You can do the following with cover-up objects:

    • Drag cover-up objects to another location.

    • Resize cover-up objects by dragging the handles.

    • Reshape polyline and polygon objects by dragging the handles.

Limitation: The Re-order command in the pop-up menu has no effect on the cover-up object. To have a cover-up area hiding sketch objects, such as polygons and polylines, use Re-order for the sketch object and send it behind model objectobject that is represented in a model

A model object is either created in a model or imported into it.


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