Define automatic view settings for general arrangement drawings

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Define automatic view settings for general arrangement drawings

Define automatic view settings for general arrangement drawings

Before you create general arrangement drawings, define the automatic view properties.

  1. Click Drawings & reports > Drawing properties > GA drawing .
  2. Load the drawing properties file that you want to modify from the list at the top.
  3. Click View... and load the view properties you want to modify.
  4. On the Attributes tab, change the settings as required.

    Here you can set the view scale, view extension distance, show a reflected view, show openings and recesses, set the datum point for elevations and show pours.

  5. Go to the Shortening tab and define the part shorteningdeforming that decreases the modeled length of a part in a drawing by a value the user has entered

    Shortening is used when the parts are manufactured shorter than modeled.


    Here you can select whether you want to cut parts, set the minimum part length, and set the space between cut parts.

  6. Go to the Label tab and define the view labelassociative annotation object that is displayed in an individual drawing view and that includes information about the view

    text, symbol and position.
  7. If you want to create an anchor bolt plangeneral arrangement drawing that displays the anchor bolt layout

    drawing, go to the Anchor bolt plan tab and set Show as anchor bolt plan to Yes.

    You can also select, whether you want to create detail views in anchor bolt plans and set the enlarged part view scale.

  8. Save the view properties.
  9. Click OK to return to drawing properties.
  10. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.

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