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Add dual dimensions manually

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Add dual dimensions manually

Add dual dimensions manually

In dual dimensions, you can show dimensions in different units and format above and below the dimension lineline that visualizes the distance between the defined dimension points

Separate dimensions can be combined into a longer dimension line.


You can add dual dimension automatically , or manually in an existing drawing.

To add dual dimensions manually:

  1. On the File menu , click Settings Settings > Options , go to the Drawing dimensions settings.
  2. Set the unit, formats and precision, and activate the dual dimensions for the drawing types you want in Dimensions in tags.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Double-click a dimension in your drawing.
  5. Go to the Tags tab, and enter the text DIMENSION in the middle dimension tagpart of a dimension that displays additional information about the building object


  6. Click Modify.
  7. If you do not want to show dual dimensions in all dimensions, you can manually delete the text DIMENSION from the tag.


Below is an example of dual dimensions that use the unit mm and format ###.

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