Create load combinations automatically

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Create load combinations automatically

Create load combinations automatically

You can have Tekla Structures automatically generate load combinations for an analysis modelstructural model that is created from a physical model and used on the one hand for analyzing structural behavior and load bearing, and on the other hand for design

Analysis model can be viewed in Tekla Structures in a model view.

Analysis model that is made with Tekla Structures can be worked on in other analysis and design software or application.

according to a building code.

Before you start, ensure that you have the appropriate load modeling codeinformation about the building or design code, and about the load group types, safety factors, and load combination factors used in the load combination

selected in File menu > Settings > Options > Load modeling > Current code.

  1. On the Analysis & design tab, click A&D models.
  2. In the Analysis & Design Models dialog box:
    1. Select an analysis model.
    2. Click Load combinations.
  3. In the Load Combinations dialog box, click Generate.
  4. In the Load Combination Generation dialog box:
    1. If needed, check the load combination(1) set of load groups multiplied by their partial safety factors that is created in the load combination process

      (1) Each load combination represents a loading situation to be checked according to the design code.

      (2) process in which some simultaneously acting load groups are multiplied by their partial safety factors and combined with each other according to specific rules

      (2) Load combination rules are specific to a design process and are defined in design codes.


      Click Options , and then do one of the following:

      • View the factors. Then click Cancel to close the dialog box.

      • Modify the factors. Then click OK to save the changes.

    2. Select the check boxes against the combinations you want to create.
    3. To automatically include the self-weight of parts in load combinations, select the Include self weight check box.
    4. (This step only applies to the Eurocode.) If needed, select the Minimum permanent load with lateral loads only check box. This reduces the amount of load combinations when only minimum permanent loading needs to be considered in lateral loading situations.
    5. Click OK to create the load combinations.

      If the analysis model has imperfection loads, Tekla Structures automatically creates load combinations with both the positive and negative directions (x and -x, or y and -y).

  5. In the Load Combinations dialog box, click OK to save the load combinations.

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