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Concrete Detailing

Use this advanced option to define whether reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

bending shapes are recognized according to the bending shape definitions created with Rebar Shape Manager and saved in the RebarShapeRules.xml file.

This advanced option is set to TRUE by default, meaning that the bending shape recognition uses the reinforcing bar shapes saved in the RebarShapeRules.xml file.

If you set this advanced option to FALSE , the Rebar Shape Manager definitions are not used, and the definitions in rebar_schedule_config.inp are used instead. We recommend that you set this advanced option to TRUE and use Rebar Shape Manager.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options databasedatabase file that contains the settings of model-specific general settings and advanced options

There are two options databases, the model options database (options_model.db) and the drawing options database (options_drawings.db).


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