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Category : Concrete detailing

Set this advanced option to TRUE to have the text reading direction indicate the part installation direction. If there are similar asymmetric parts with different orientation, some part marks may be placed upside down. When you set the advanced option to FALSE (default), none of the part marks are created upside down, so the text reading direction does not indicate the installation direction. If you set it to

  • CONCRETE , only concrete marks and texts are upside down
  • STEEL , only steel marks and texts are upside down
  • TIMBER , only timber marks and texts are upside down

You can also use combinations of values separated by a comma, for example, CONCRETE,STEEL.

Example of the mark orientation when the advanced option is set to TRUE.

This advanced option is role specific. When the type SYSTEM(ROLE) is in use, the default value is used. When the type MODEL(ROLE) or DRAWING(ROLE) is in use, you can change the value, which is then the same for all users in the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.


For more information about indicating part orientation with marks, for example, see Indicate part orientation.

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by Tommi Lius

CIP and Precast should have different options. Now this is not possible.

by Tommi Lius

CIP and Precast should have different options. Now this is not possible.